Background 2

As a native born South Carolinian Darrell Black is an experienced and passionate candidate for the Richland One School board. Born and raised in Columbia with a mother as a teacher and a father as a high school vice principal, Darrell was raised to place a high value on quality education. Since graduating with degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Systems, Darrell has worked in and around education and government as a professor and Chief Information Officer for several schools and government agencies. This experience combined with his passion for education is what has driven Darrell to run for the Richland One School Board.

Being raised by a single mother as well as being a single parent, I understand innately some of the trials and tribulations one goes through in order to provide the time, tools and preparation needed for today’s generation to succeed.

In addition to Darrell’s impressive qualifications he has a true heart for the community. As an avid volunteer and community activist, Darrell has his fingers on the pulse of what is needed to help our children SUCCEED through education. Darrell is a single father with a loving daughter enrolled at USC. He has experienced the struggles parents face when trying to provide the best possible future for their children. This is one of the main driving forces behind Darrell’s campaign and why he is working so hard to open up more and better opportunities for the children of Richland School District One.